Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Announcing... Keynote from Derek Robertson

Today we are excited to announce Derek Robertson as the third PELeCON speaker to be unveiled...

Derek Robertson began his teaching career in Dundee in 1994. Teaching in a Primary class he developed an interest in the use of technologies to help enhance and enrich the teaching and learning. Subsequent positions as an ICT Staff Tutor in Dundee then as a lecturer on the B.Ed(P) and PGDE(P) courses at the University of Dundee enabled him to take on a development and leadership role in the area of ICT in teaching and learning and in so doing further develop how growing interest in the field of game based learning.

As National Adviser for Emerging Technologies and learning Derek continually explores the ways in which technologies can permeate learning in a purposeful and innovative fashion. He is very keen to take this perspective forward on the work he is currently leading on in relation to the use of 1:1 mobile devices. Derek is well respected in this area and recently won a NAACE Award for his contribution to education due to his work around the use of game based learning.

The line up is coming together, but we are still looking for papers and proposals for sessions from you. Head over to the submissions page for more details...

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