Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Announcing... Keynote from Joyce Seitzinger

Today we can announce another exciting addition to the PELeCON 2013 lineup.. Joyce Seitzinger.

Joyce is an education technologist working in higher education, passionate about improving learning experiences through emerging technologies and innovative learning design. Her special interests are digital curation, learning design and networked learning. She's perhaps best known in the education technology community for developing the Moodle Tool Guide for Teachers.

Joyce has worked in e-learning since 1999, currently as Lecturer in Blended Learning at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. Prior to that she was eLearning advisor at the Eastern Institute of Technology in New Zealand, leading a team of learning technologists in providing strategic advice, staff development & support, instructional design and course development services.

She has a Master in Education Technology from the University of Southern Queensland which was excellent, but which has been surpassed by the abundant learning she has done in the last 5 years on Twitter. You can follow her @catspyjamasnz.

Joyce is currently pursuing a PhD, researching digital curation.

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