Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Announcing... Keynote from Prof. Steven Warburton

Today we announce another keynote at PELeCON 2013 from Professor Steven Warburton.

Steven Warburton is Professor of Technology Enhanced Learning at the University of Surrey. Previously a Senior Lecturer at the University of London. Steven is a Fellow of the Centre for Distance Education within the International Academy where he chairs the research strategy group.

He is also a Visiting Research Fellow at King's Learning Institute, King's College London. Steven has worked on a range of projects including: Rhizome - digital identity project; a study of social software in distance education settings; developing a virtual library space (Bibliospace) using social referencing software; and as part of the EMERGE project team supporting a UK wide community of practice in user innovation and development in the area of Web 2.0 and emerging technologies. Currently he is working on OERs in academic development and ePublishing and eBooks development models.

Steven's research interests are focussed on questions of identity in online learning, the dimensions of space and time in multi-user virtual environments such as Second Life, social presence, social networking, the changing notion of community and finally the sociology of emotion.

We look forward to welcoming Steven to the conference, and bringing his perspectives to the already eclectic lineup. Remember to keep your papers and proposals coming in...

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