Monday, 11 March 2013

A3: Student Voice Showcase: Playing Games: Do games consoles have a positive impact on girls' learning?

Lucy Kitching and Steve Wheeler
Plymouth University, UK

Games Based Learning and gamification are currently hot topics of debate in education. Many schools are now beginning to adopt the use of games, and games consoles in attempts to explore new ways of engaging learners. Some have begun to embed games into the curriculum, with mixed success.

This research project discusses the use of game consoles to support learning and motivation and how they have recently been used in primary education. Over time game consoles and video games have been portrayed as a male used technology. This presentation will discuss and explore the current use of game consoles in learning and how it can positively affect a child's learning and motivation. In our research we address the following question: 'Do game consoles have a positive impact on girls' learning and motivation?' During the study a semi-structured questionnaire was distributed to girls aged 8-11 (Key Stage 2; n=49) in three schools that have already incorporated game consoles into their curriculum. The major findings of this report indicate that game consoles and video games can have a positive impact on girls' learning and motivation and are key themes that are raised. However, due to several limitations in the research paper the research question has only been partially addressed, so future research will be necessary. We aim to open this for discussion at the conference.

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  1. I'm delighted to announce that we will be presenting the findings from this research project at both Pelecon and EDEN (Oslo, in June).

  2. In our research we address Kizi Games the following question:


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