Monday, 11 March 2013

A5: Improving staff and students' VLE experience through user testing

Matt Lingard

City University London have introduced user testing as part of the ongoing development of its Strategic Learning Environment (Moodle). The overall aim of the work is to improve the user experience; the user testing serves two main purposes:

1) to inform the redesign of elements of the Moodle interface
2) to inform the production of a general set of guidelines for staff on web usability & Moodle

The project has involved staff from the university's educational technology community working closely with Usability experts from the Centre for Human Computer Interaction Design (HCID). User testing involves the observation of representative users (staff & students in this case) using a human computer interface (Moodle) to complete real scenarios (e.g. uploading a file).

The session will provide an introduction to user testing & the whole process we undertook will be explained, from the planning & desk research through the testing & wireframing to the final redesign and development of our Moodle/VLE Usability Guidelines. The outcomes of the project - the most recent design & the guidelines for staff - will be presented.

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