Monday, 11 March 2013

A8: Personalised learning utilising systemic learning design

Uday Nair
Sheffield University, UK

Learning is a process the student undergoes within a given learning environment. The infusion of technology in such an environment should be grounded in strong design principles, which are developed systemically and theoretically, keeping the learner and the process the learner goes through at the centre. Hence it could be argued that the systemic learning design could be used as a process of integrating technology into the learning process. Systemic learning design of the learning environment could help eliminate some of the criticism of web 2.0 based distributed learning systems used within educational settings alongside traditional centralized learning management systems.

Current uses are still too focused on content delivery and act as data repositories on the assumption that every student learns in the same way and uses the technology in the same manner. The proposed approach underpinned by systems thinking theories would help to understand and map some of the learning processes involved. This would also enable practitioners to address issues such as at what level, how and where, appropriate technologies can be introduced within a teacher-centric or a learner-centric setting via the use of process modelling.

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