Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Announcing... Keynote from Dr. Steve Bunce

Sadly Dereck Robertson is no longer able to join us for PELeCON 2013, but we have managed to secure Dr. Steve Bunce to share his inimitable learning ideas with us.

Steve is an inspirational and experienced teacher.  He has taught in primary, middle and secondary schools and covered many roles including ICT co-ordinator, head of year and senior leader.  For the Open University, he has advised schools across the UK on their use of technology.

Developing teaching and learning in schools is the focus of Steve's work and he now advises teachers in using iPads to impact upon learning.  As a part-time lecturer at Durham University, he shares experiences with the undergraduate teachers.  To develop enquiry in the classroom, Steve uses video games, programming and robots to enthuse his students.  Currently, he is studying design with the Open University, focusing on 3D printing and sustainability.

Tickets are still available for the conference between the 10th and 12th April at Plymouth University at the early bird rate, click here for details.

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