Monday, 11 March 2013

B2: Workshop: Dimensions of Identity and the Digital Visitor/Digital Resident Continuum

Jane Davis

This workshop builds on empirical research undertaken, during doctoral study, in response to the question, 'To what extent do the social psychological processes associated with the concepts of self and identity influence the experience of non-traditional undergraduate students engaging in college based technology-supported learning?'. Emergent findings from the research suggested an association between the way in which students view their role identity(ies) and their engagement with technology.

The workshop provides an opportunity for participants to engage with dimensions of role identity (Stryker, 2002) and, through subsequent consideration of the Digital Visitor/Digital resident Continuum (White & Le Cornu, 2011), invites reflection on the impact of this association for students within participants' own contexts.

During the session participants will be introduced to the concepts of role identity through reflection on the roles they play and their understanding of the meanings associated with each role (20 minutes). Participants will be introduced to the concept of 'life space' and will be supported in producing their own life space drawing (20 minutes). Participants will be asked to consider their engagement with technology in association with their 'life space' drawing and will contribute to a group mapping of behaviours against the Digital Visitor/Digital Resident continuum (25 minutes). The workshop will close with an opportunity to discuss the implications of role identity and undergraduate engagement with technology supported learning. (20 minutes).


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