Monday, 11 March 2013

B5: Faith to face: Using technology to build meaningful dialogue between young people worldwide

Ian Jamison
Tony Blair Faith Foundation, UK

The Face to Faith programme is the Global schools programme of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation. It has been developing over the last 3 years, and is now operating in 20 countries around the world to use technology to bring young people together for meaningful dialogue and mutual learning. As well as outlining our experience so far, this paper will also identify challenges that we are still working to address.

After outlining the aims of the programme, and some of the methodologies that we employ to realise these, the paper will then discuss our experience of the programme to date, before moving on to talk in detail about the range of technology used in Face to Faith.
The paper will consider some of the challenges that are faced in using technological solutions in a global programme of this nature, before looking at some of the techniques that we've used to overcome those. This will give the opportunity to reflect upon some of the ways in which different educational cultures use information technology, as well as the range of experiences and infrastructures that are encountered in the field, and the ways in which those can be addressed.

Face to Faith only enable successful dialogue as it supports those opportunities with a thoughtful, relevant and replicable pedagogy. This paper will explore the ways in which the pedagogy inter-relates with the use of technology, not merely to support students in developing the necessary skills and competencies, but increasingly to support teachers, and to provide effective and accessible remote professional development opportunities.
The paper will conclude by considering the future of the programme, and some of the broader implications for a genuinely interconnected educational world in the future.

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