Monday, 11 March 2013

B5: Harnessing technology at the University of Ghana - Distance Education programme

Peter Ayoola Ajelabi

The entire educational sector (including tertiary education) has realised the potentials and effects of imparting knowledge through advanced technology resources.Institutions( most especially post-compulsory) in the developed countries are adapting to the use of advanced interactive technologies for instruction.This is designed to meet the individual academic learning needs of the citizens so as to transform lives .

This piece of work therefore is carried out to bring an awareness to developing African Universities on the potentials and benefits inherent in the use of modern technologies(most especially skype and vle) in delivering instructions to adult learners who are physically separated in different parts of the country. University of Ghana's Distance Education program is beset , among others with problems of accelerated enrolment, geographical spread of students as well as meeting the special needs of the learners who combine studies with domestic issues. The study further outlines the benefits of the use of Skype and VLE for both parties. Emphasis is placed on why the University needs to adapt to the use of modern technologies.

Finally, the study propounded a mental technological model for the introduction and implementation of an effective and viable virtual learning environment , involving curriculum developers,instructional designer,e-learning experts, system analysts, students and lecturers, who all needs to work as a team to make this project a reality.Although, there are constraints such as finance,inadequate power supply, and lack of much expertise, however, the situation at hand proves that now is the time for a radical turn around (there is limited power supply,most learners have acess to mobile wireless devices, and there is limited funding).

The journey of a million mile begins with a single step.

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