Monday, 11 March 2013

C5: Combining Mahara and social networking for personal development

Domi Sinclair
University College London, UK

Employability is a buzz word in education, particularly higher education. Developing your personal branding can be a key way of controlling the information employers find if they search for you online. One way of doing this is by using an e-portfolio system, such as Mahara, in combination with social media tools like Twitter and LinkedIn. These tools can also be useful in reflective practice for personal and professional development.

Both Domi Sinclair (University College London) and Samantha Moss (Southampton Solent University) have been promoting the use of Mahara e-portfolios in conjunction with social media tools for the enhancement of professional skills and personal brand development. This presentation looks at the journey, from implementation through to reflecting on case studies of use.

University College London is at the start of its journey into using both Mahara and social media. Domi will present on the struggles experienced in establishing these systems, and offer advice on how they are navigating them. She will show case studies of where they are making progress and will conclude by discussing the next steps for implementation.

Southampton Solent University has been using Mahara since 2008 and is starting to see success in its use. They have now started to promote social media tools as well, and are getting positive feedback. Samantha will offer case studies on the use of Mahara and social media, including staff and students reflections on the projects.

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