Monday, 11 March 2013

D5: Workshop: Fastest finger first: Electronic voting systems in large group teaching

Santanu Vasant
Imperial College, London, UK

It's not just the studio of 'Who wants to be a millionaire' that needs a voting application, our educational institutions do too! This demonstration looks at a piece of in class technology that allows users to vote using any mobile device contented to the internet and display results in real time. Considering some of the pedagogical benefits and pitfalls of using such an application in large group teaching and exploring the notion of the lecture and what can be achieved in this scenario.

Examples of the evolution of the electronic voting applications and hardware will be discussed, as well as examples of this type of application and its use in a variety of disciplines. These will be contrasted with the non-technological methods of large group teaching, asking the audience to participate in the use of this application during the demonstration. Videos of technologies used in large group teaching will also be shown.

The session will conclude by looking at the future of such technology, the challenges of deployment, bring your own device, connection and digital equality, its integration with cloud based presentation software and its application in a variety of scenarios, where it's important to know 'who's finger is truly fastest'.

So join us, as we ask the audience to put their 'fastest finger first'!

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