Monday, 11 March 2013

PELeCON 2013 Abstracts now available for comment

PELeCON 2013 is getting closer, and we can today announce the programme and the abstracts for the majority of the conference sessions.

Presenting a paper at a conference is a good opportunity to share your work, but it is also an opportunity to gather feedback and comment from peers. For PELeCON we are seeking to maximise the impact of this process of peer review by allowing delegates (and others) to respond to the sessions using social media.

We encourage you to visit the abstracts of sessions and add your comments, thoughts and questions both before, during and after the conference itself. The abstracts are available now on the 'Abstracts' section of this blog.

We look forward to seeing your comments, and hearing your feedback during the live conference sessions. The conference programme is also now available on Lanyrd so you can begin to plan your PELeCON...

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