Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Open badges for PELeCON attendees

One of the big themes at this year's PELeCON conference was the impact 'Open badges' are starting to have on the way we think about assessment of both formal and informal learning.

We were lucky to have a keynote from Doug Belshaw, badges and skills lead for Mozilla, who is leading the thinking on open badges. Doug also ran a workshop which facilitated some interesting discussions about how this will support and affect the learning process.

As a 'thank you' to all conference delegates, we have sent out an open badge to accredit your attendance and participation in the conference. The meta data tells the viewer more about the conference and what you will have done to get there.

Speakers will received a further badge for their contributions, which is on the way...

For those already using open badges this should be a nice addition to your collection. For those for whom this is their first badge it gives you a chance to have a go and get your collection started!

We have issued these badges using a straightforward badge creation site called 'Credly'. You can redeem these badges on their site, but you can also transfer them to your Mozilla 'Open badge backpack', which is the main tool we at PELeCON are using to store our badges. Instructions for how to do this are here.

All PELeCON attendees should have received their badges, if you were registered by a colleague it may have gone to them so contact us and we can transfer it to you. Any questions, please contact

Lots more on badges at Doug Belshaw's blog.

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