Live Stream

Live stream videos will appear here during the conference.
The Live Stream for the conference will be using GoTo Webinar (These links will not work if the session are not live )

Day 1 Starts: 10th April 2013

Lecture Theatre 1 

Day 2 (Live: 11:30-16:30BST)

Day 3 (Live: 09:00-11:00BST)

Lecture Theatre 2

Day 1 (Live: 13:00-17:00BST)

Day 2 (Live: 11:30-16:30BST)

Day 3 (Live: 09:00-11:00BST)

Gill Gragie Cinema  (All keynotes)

Day 1 (Live: 13:00-18:30BST)

Day 2 (Live: 09:30-18:00BST)

Day 3 (Live: 09:00-13:30BST)

Please note that some presenter will be using technology that will not enable streaming (iPads),  in this case only sound will be heard.
the times displayed denote the start and end of the stream, it does not account for breaks.  At these time the stream will be accessible but nothing will be displayed

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  1. there are some very random noises in the livestream right now. I have probably connected at a bad time....


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