WiFi setup

Setup instructions will be provided once you have registered. Please ask at the registration desk for directions to the WiFi stand. At the WiFi desk, you can either configure your own device or ask assistance from the helpers. Please note the technical requirements below:

Technical Requirements

By using the ResNet service your computer needs to meet the following technical requirements:

  • Your computer will need a working 802.11b/g/n WiFi certified Network card, capable of WPA2-Enterprise encryption.
  • Many computers already have a built-in network adapter but some do not. If you have a new computer, then there is a very good chance you already have this installed. If you are unsure, check your computer’s manual or contact the manufacturer.
  • Any computer hardware must meet the minimum system requirements for the operating system as specified by the manufacturer of the operating system.
  • All critical updates for your operating system must be installed.
  • Up to date anti virus software is installed.

Please Note:
There has been issues with the eduroam connection and Atheros wireless adapters in laptops. If the drivers are pre-2008 there is a good chance you will find difficulty connecting. Please ensure your computer is fully updated with the newest Windows updates and contact Wifi support if continuing problems connecting persist.

Rules and Regulations

By using the ResNet service you have agreed to abide by the following Rules and Regulations:

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